Crazy about Knitting Projects for May 


                              Crazy about knitting


Welcome to this month’s meeting.

For those of you who didn’t make it to the flower festival here’s a photo of our tree.  It looked amazing.  Thank you for all your lovely flowers.

We did a Hugababies delivery, but only managed to fit half of what was made into the car!  So, another journey is needed.  We delivered a total of 354 Hats & Booties, vest sets, blankets and sets of hats, booties and blankets. 


The chicks have been selling amazingly, we will have a total of how much was raised for the RUH next month as we are still collecting money in.



                      Projects for May 


1) We thought it might be fun to re visit a pattern we did a few years ago.  It is part of a project to raise awareness of donor transplants, 

We make a little yellow duck, pop a label on him/her then hide it somewhere.  Then someone finds it, hopefully it makes them smile and they then look up the web page.  This then highlights the awareness of transplants and they can also log their duck onto a worlds map with thousands of other ducks.   Last time we did it we received so many lovely comments from the people who found the ducks.


2) We have been asked by different departments of the RUH for some bed jackets and knee blankets.  Also, for some ‘bonding squares’ these are used with both mother and baby and are swapped daily so that they can both have the scent of the other. These squares are 4-5 inches square and provide a vital connection between mother and baby.   The instructions we have been given are “approx. 30 – 35 stitches on a 3.5 needle using a basic stitch, as long as they are 4 – 5 inches square.” Thinking a Garter, Moss Stitch or similar would work best as it shouldn’t curl.


3) This is a list of the only items Operation Orphan can take: -


· Hats, Gloves/Mittens and Scarves for children 3 years – teenager

· Jumpers for children aged 3 to 7. it’s really important that these items are well-proportioned and nice quality as the children choose the items themselves so can pick a pattern or colour that they like.

· Large colourful blankets 6 x 4 ft (72 x 48 inches). These are distributed in Eastern Europe as well as used in their Crisis Response deployments, so they can never have enough blankets! 


4) Not forgetting our Seafarers knitting, AgeUK Innocent bottle hats, Poppies, and knits for fundraising for the RUH Bath. 


Next meetings Wednesday 5th June 2019 10.00am –12.00noon at Melksham Baptist Church

                   and Thursday 6th June 2019 6.45pm – 8.45pm at Melksham Baptist Church

Cost £2.00.

Please bring any knitting you have already done and want to donate to our charities.  


                                         It will be lovely to see you and Happy Knitting 

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