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29th March 2020


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A very warm welcome to you, especially if you are here for the first time!

Our Notices are taking a new look for the duration of the period of social distancing due to the threat of Coronavirus!


Diary for the Week  

None of the usual activities are taking place, other than Foodbank collection of donations from supermarket trolleys and distribution of food parcels via Agency Reps on Monday afternoon and Thursday morning from the Main Hall, accessed from Old Broughton Road.

Dates for Future…

5th April: Palm Sunday

10th April: Good Friday

12th April: Easter Sunday & Church Anniversary (351st)

No events currently planned due to coronavirus precautions


Study Groups (new members welcome)

All groups are currently on hold.

Anyone game to try a study over the internet, please let Josh or Alan know!


Keeping in Contact

· Use the website and / or Facebook site

· If you would like to receive emails and your address is not registered with the church, send an email to


  Prayer Points

· Josh’s Mum in India

· Clare Hancock

· Jeremiah who is poorly & his parents who are anxious and self-isolating just in case

· Everyone suffering from COVID-19

· NHS staff at every level

· Civil Servants making new policies work

· People worried about their personal finances during the present restrictions on movement

· All who have been recently bereaved


Church News

· CoGoP no longer need church on 20th September

· Easter edition of Good News paper is here, call or email Alan if you would like a copy delivered

· Replacement water boiler in kitchen has been fitted – ready for the back-to-church party!

· Please consider setting up a standing order for your offerings (once a month is sufficient) or 



    As you listen to the sermon today keep in mind and try applying… 

our MBC MISSION Statement

KNOWING… Dedicate your life to an intimate personal relationship with God through prayer and studying His Word.

GROWING… Actively invest yourself in our Church family, growing alongside our brothers and sisters in Christ. 

GOING… Deliberately share our faith in all we do, both inside and outside the church walls.


Church Information: Worship & Prayer

Weekly sermon by Josh on YouTube

(see Notices Welcome page for link)


Try to Pray Sunday at 12 noon, wherever you are, as inspired by the sermon or by the Prayer Points in this notice.


Aim to pray Good Friday at midday, wherever you are, focusing on Jesus’ sacrifice for you.