Josh Parmar Minister in Training 24 01 2021

Hi Friends,


Dear Friends,


Hope you are well and coping through this lockdown. If you would like me to pray for anything specific then please do let me know or even a chat will be great too! We miss you all and are praying that God continue to keep you all safe! 


Please find below the links for the Sermon on ’Self-control’ and also the link for Kids church too. A hug thanks to Jim and Linda for doing this weeks video and for Alanna who edited it all! 


Sermon Link:


Children’s Church link:


Friends, if I could ask a personal prayer request for us, Jeremiah is having his operation on tuesday to get the growth on his tonsils out to be then sent for further investigation, so please pray that it all will go according to Gods will and purpose. We are so grateful to God for all the love and support we have received. 


May God continue to bless you and provide all your needs! 


Every blessing


Josh Parmar


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Preview YouTube video Preach on Fruit of the Spirit - Self Control 


Preach on Fruit of the Spirit - Self Control


Preview YouTube video KIDS CHURCH 24 01 21

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