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Laura-Lee Lovering Living Water 

September 2021 

Dear friends, 

It's been a good last couple of months and my head is still spinning a bit from all the new things to take in. Thankfully, there have been no more earthquakes since my first day here and it's been great to be getting stuck in  to the church community and building friendships. 

It has also been great to be able to get my head around BMS's journey with Creation Stewardship up till now as I am definitely an inheritor of the efforts made by the pioneers before me. Not only that, but to see how it fits into the overall mosaic of BMS's work and partnerships around the world, as well as learning from our partners' journeys too and looking out for the gaps. One of the key things that I inherit in this role is the first ever organisational Carbon Footprint that was undertaken for 2019. This helps us to establish where we're at with this important environmental metric and provides us with a starting point for improving our stewardship, such as evaluating all the flights we take and looking into renewable energy tariffs and providers for the central BMS office in Didcot. 

Of course, I can't not mention COP26 - that international climate change conference taking place in Glasgow at the end of October. I recently asked the Youth Pastor of my church here, Felix, if they had any plans to talk about climate change and COP26 with the church's young people and he wasn't sure what I was talking about. It's true that there are a number of other significant political and economic issues affecting Peru right now and Peru's national contribution to global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are less than 1%. However, the sad fact is that regardless of culpability, Peru will still have to bear future impacts of the changing climate that will affect the families of today's young people. Felix agreed that we could dedicate a youth meeting to the topic, probably in early November. Prayers appreciated!

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