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Jeanette Payne has received an email from her Cousin, Rae Whitney, 

who lives in America. With her personal email to Jeanette, she has also sent three texts which she has written during Lockdown.  Jeanette has got permission from Rae, and her Publishing Company, to include these texts on our Website.

  “For free use by permission of the publisher (”


Three texts written during COVID-19       






1. A tiny thing we cannot see

or taste or  feel or hear,

has shut down nearly half our world

and brought distress and fear.

We’ve read about the plagues of old:

now _a virus gone astray

has caused much sickness, death and grief,

with new reports each day.


2. But many helpers brave this plague

and serve those most in need,

and offer comfort, help and care

through many a word and deed.

We thank our true and gallant ones

who risk their lives to bring

relief and help to sickened folk

touched by that tiny thing.


3. Yet there are other tiny things

to cheer each anxious heart,

a smile, a wave, a caring note,

though we must stay apart;

a phone call, email, face book, skype,

can curb anxiety,

while faith and hope and love abound

to keep our spirits free.

             Rae E Whitney April 2020




“For free use by permission of the publisher (”




2) MY HEART MAY SING                      



1. My heart may sing but not my voice;

My hidden smile shines from my eyes;

To hug my friends is not my choice;

A handshake is no longer wise.


2. Pandemics come, pandemics go;

But thousands sicken, even die,

And homes are gone and losses grow;

Despair invades, we question why.



3. But nothing lasts for evermore;

we’ll meet and hug and play again;

who knows what wonders are in store;

to future joys, all say “AMEN”!

       Rae E Whitney. November 2020 



“For free use by permission of the publisher (”






1. Always Advent, never Christmas,

always Lent, but never Easter,

many choices now forbidden,

Lord, like Job, we weep and wait.

From our friends no hugs or touching;

doctors work with distance caring;

we are told to mask our faces;

is seclusion now our fate?


2. Plans have been reduced to ashes;

holy places barred  and empty;

governments dictating lock downs;

does God hear those painful pleas?

People jobless, children hungry,

poor get poorer, rich get richer,

what will life be in the future;

where is God in times like these?


3. But we still will have Thanksgiving

for birth, death and  resurrection,

trusting God is always with us;

as was promised, Christ will save.

Then we still will have our Christmas

and we still will have our Easter;

Christ is newly born among us,

and still rises from the grave!


Rae E Whitney October 2020

V 1, line 2  C S Lewis The Lion, the witch and the Wardrobe “Always winter, never Christmas”


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