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28th June 2020

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Sunday Morning worship no service Response to Covid 19
10:30- 11:30
All are Welcome at our services see link
Response to Covid 19
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Josh Parmar Minister in Training


Messy Church Melksham has been closed iResponse to Covid 19
16:00- 17:30
Takes Place at
Forest & Sandridge School,
Cranesbill Rd, SN12 7GN
Fromm 4.00pm to 5.30pm
Fun, Games, Songs, Worship, Food ,Craft.

Response to Covid 19

Messy Church is a new expression of church.
It's a format for services that can be relevant to all ages.
Messy Church is designed to bring families together who what to meet Jesus and bring their children up in the local church,
but don’t want to attend the traditional morning church services.
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