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Laura-Lee Lovering Bendithion! 

June 2021

Dear friends, 

Greetings from the sun-bathed Welsh Riviera! It's not often one gets to write such a thing. I consider myself continually blessed to have come from the perpetual summer of the jungle to the weather-confused seaside town of Porthcawl, South Wales. I'm particularly grateful for the lateness of Spring in the UK as I've managed to catch a glimpse of bluebells and tree blossoms breaking out across the Welsh countryside. 

After the initial 10 days of Hotel Quarantine, I'm now well into my UK Home Assignment and just about getting into the swing of online Zoom meetings and recorded presentations and interviews. Although it really is no substitute for being with people physically, especially as I still have church partners that I've not met yet, I've felt incredibly blessed by the Zoom-time spent with my UK brothers and sisters so far - thank you! 

Of course, my mileage during this Home Assignment will not compare at all with previous times and I feel ambivalent about this: on the one hand, less mileage means less time 'wasted' driving around and more time spent with my family and I've already managed to get to my local church more times than has been possible in previous years; on the other hand, travelling to enjoy fellowship and share blessing with people is one of the best reasons to travel, as well as being a good way to enjoy the UK countryside (I'm blessed to have partner churches in rural Wales, the English West Country and Scotland). I'm still praying to be able to undertake some in-person visits before I return to Peru at the end of July. 

In the meantime, I still hear the odd bit of news from Nauta and I was excited to hear from Felix that he'd organised the second training-week-by-radio that went out live last week. This is particularly encouraging given that all BMS team members are currently in the UK and he was assisted by several local church leaders who hadn't previously been involved. Felix has also informed us that the radio station now has an app (Radio La 

Rueda), so you can now tune in to our training weeks and regular weekday programme, online from  9pm-10pm UK time! 

Some of you may know that the Training Centre Administrator Bettsy has been suffering some fairly serious health issues over the last few weeks and she's still following treatment. Please continue to pray for her healing and peace for of her family. 

It continues to be a strange thing for me to speak to my friends and colleagues in Nauta and remember that I have now effectively left that home of nine years. The final week before leaving was a veritable rollercoaster of emotions, from the mundane dramas of finally getting my Peruvian driving licence and a valid COVID-19 test to be able to fly, to the various goodbyes when it was all I could do to not shed too many tears! 

Nevertheless, I feel satisfied in the Lord that He continues to work out His purposes for the ministry in Nauta and Iquitos, as well as in my life. The radio ministry continues to encourage us all as we hear of fellow believers contacting Felix from upriver to express their gratitude for the programme and even to offer their practical support for the teaching slots. As far as we  know, our brothers and sisters up to 80 miles from  Nauta are tuning in to listen. 

On a personal note, I'm glad that the local non-Christian family I'd been meeting with to read the Bible were able to accompany me to church on Easter Sunday and they joined our home Bible study group during my final week. 

I haven't had much contact with them since, but I pray that Elger and Milagros will continue to seek out their Saviour and find him in Christ. 

As many of you already know, when I return to Peru I will be moving to Piura, a city about the same size as Iquitos on the north-west coast of the country. I look forward to reconnecting with Pastors Carlos and Betty Hidalgo of the 'Comunión, Gracia y Paz' Baptist church, who I met briefly for the first time a few weeks before leaving the country. It's comforting to know that even whilst I don't yet have a place to live in Piura, I already have a church! 

I'm also excited (even if somewhat apprehensive!) about my new role as Creation Stewardship Coordinator, which will be a new role for BMS as well as for me.  

As Christians, the challenge of embedding good creation stewardship principles into everything we do, wherever we do it, continues to be as important as ever and it's a privilege to be able a part of this effort through BMS, drawing on so much of what I've learned in Peru so far, with plenty more to learn going forward. 

I deeply appreciate your prayers for my change of location and role over the coming months and please do continue to prayer for the team in Nauta and Iquitos. My colleagues, Dave and Michele Mahon are also on Home Assignment right now and I pray they managed to get some rest with Jonathon, Ruth and Phoebe, enjoying time with their grandparents and cousins. 

Felix, Bettsy, Basilio and Pr. Luis need our prayers as they carry the ministry and please remember the pastors of the Loreto Baptist Association in Iquitos, especially Pr. Percy, the Association President, as he continues to encourage and build-up his co-pastors still struggling with health and confidence after the ravages of the last year. 

As always, thank you all for your support and your prayers. I would finish by saying, "que Dios les bendiga," but given my current location I believe this would be more appropriate: 

Bendith Duw chi i gyd 

Love Laura x 

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