Notices For The Week 13th June 2021



13th June 2021

PASTOR: Mr Joshua Parmar 

Mobile: 07917 126241  


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Acts of the Apostles
led by Joshua Parmar



Church News

For information 

Recent Baptist Assembly recordings on YouTube may be
viewed by following the link.
Please let us join together on Sat 19th June for a
Zoom meeting with Laura-Lee Lovering at 3.00pm. Folks
without IT access at home can join via Zoom on the
screen in the Coffee Room. Laura-Lee is on holiday in the
UK from her work in Peru with BMS World Mission. Come
and find out more about the new role she is going back to
in the north-west of the country.
The Zoom link will be issued toward the end od the week.
And keep Sunday 27th June clear for the Church AGM.
This will follow a short morning worship at the church
premises where we can all be accommodated safely by
being spread across the church, Church Room and
Coffee Room. We must still avoid socialising but this will
be the first opportunity to physically see each other since
March 2020!



Prayer Topics

People to pray for: 

• Mavis Bracewell, Margaret Edwards, Norman Hancock,
Sylvia Hardy, Gill Head, Janet Woolley-Lane, Liz Young &
family, Christina & Peter
• Norman Hancock (and his family) who will be going into
hospital for a heart bypass operation on 27th.
• Robin, and his grandson Luke
• Emma, a Gateway leader, recovering from an operation
• Relative of a Bless Melksham Choir member awaiting
• Jim & Linda enjoying life working on a holiday camp in
• Laura-Lee who will be “with us” on 19th June and moving
to a new location in Peru on her return.
• Melksham Community Money Advice team, getting to
grips with fresh clients from their new base at MBC
• Up to 5 individuals who you would like to see commit
their lives to Christ this year.
• G7 leaders meeting in Cornwall this weekend, that they
would focus on improving life for those suffering poverty,
climate change and coronavirus in extreme circumstances
across the world.
• The UK Government that they would realise the injustice
in cutting our overseas aid budget and have a change of


 As you listen to the sermon today keep in mind and try applying



KNOWING… Dedicate your life to an intimate personal relationship with God through prayer and studying His Word.

GROWING… Actively invest yourself in our Church family, growing alongside our brothers and sisters in Christ.

GOING…      Deliberately share our faith in all we do, both inside and outside the church walls.


Sermon Notes  





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National lockdown 3 means that, sadly, we cannot yet get back
to fully meeting together for worship, prayer or study.
For a number of weeks we will meet via Zoom (from home or at
church for a limited number) with a recording also available on

YouTube later on Sunday.

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