Notices For The Week 10th January 2021



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We return to the Fruit of the Spirit—

This week: Faithfulness


Church News

For information 


 Prayer/Study meetings will NOT be recommencing whilst the national lockdown is in place.

 The proposed church meeting in January is postponed until further notice. However, if you would still like to get Zoom established on your PC and have a practice session, get in touch with Alan.

 Deacons meet on Monday 11th January via Zoom.


Other prayer topics

• That the roll-out of the coronavirus vaccination proceeds smoothly, quickly and effectively,

• That those being infected right now and in the immediate days ahead make a swift and full recovery,

• That those for whom another lockdown brings increased anxiety will be comforted by phone calls from relatives and friends.


Prayer Topics

People to pray for: 

Let us commence the New Year praying for:

• people we’ve not seen nor heard from in a long time

• Members and friends who have moved away

• Those who have been bereaved in 2020

• All working in any capacity in the NHS

• All working in care homes or caring in the community

• Those suffering from medical conditions needing treatment who may have their cases delayed due to the coronavirus emergency

• Those whose employment situation is looking bleak in the year ahead

• David Missen recovering from an eye operation

• Our brothers & sisters in the other churches in Melksham

• Up to 5 individuals whom you would like to see commit their lives to Christ this year


As you listen to the sermon today keep in mind and try applying



KNOWING… Dedicate your life to an intimate personal relationship with God through prayer and studying His Word.

GROWING… Actively invest yourself in our Church family, growing alongside our brothers and sisters in Christ.

GOING…      Deliberately share our faith in all we do, both inside and outside the church walls.


Sermon Notes  —Faithfulness





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National lockdown 3 means that, sadly, we cannot yet get back to meeting together for worship, prayer or study.

Weekly sermons continue on YouTube every Sunday morning

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