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                                 Crazy about knitting

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     19th August 2021

Hi all


We hope you are all well and are adjusting to another new way of life.

We have some GOOD NEWS for you all


Firstly, we will be holding another drop off session at the church on Tuesday 7th September.  We will be at the church to collect any knitting you wish to donate from 10.30am – 2.00pm.  This will be done under the church’s Covid-19 awareness rules, which are: -


*Please wear a mask

*Social distance wherever possible

*We will sanitise the door handle and bell every time.


As before all drop offs are to be made at the side door.  Please ring the bell and we will come to the door and collect from you.  There will be no entry into the church.  


The system for dropping off has worked well, but we don’t feel we need to space your arrivals out so much this time. So, your time slot is using the first letter of your surname and that gives a good spread throughout the time and hopefully give us time for a chat with you. 


10.45am – 12 noon A –L

12 noon – 2.00pm M - ZYeah text Royalty Free Vector Image - VectorStock


  Now for the best news of all 


We are planning on re-starting our monthly meetings on Wednesday 6th October 10am – 12 noon and Thursday 7th October 6.45p, - 8.45pm.  But as always, your safety is the most important thing and so we are putting in some ‘rules’ in place for you to stay safe and well.  


*Please only come if you are feeling well and show no signs of Covid-19 symptoms

*Please sanitise your hands on arrival and before touching the wool and knitting

*Please wear a mask when arriving and moving around the hall, if you’d feel happier wearing one all session that’s fine too

*Please bring your own cup/mug with you, you are welcome to bring your own drink if      you feel happier.

*We will be laying the room out more ‘café style’, separating the tables and placing chairs away from the table.


Subs will still be £2.00, and the new yarn will still be just £1.00 a ball.


If you don’t feel comfortable joining us yet we completely understand, and we will keep you involved by sending our newsletter until you are ready to join us.  As always, if you would rather not have any communication from us then just let us know.


We are really looking forward to welcoming you back and seeing you all.  

We think we are correct in remembering we promised you cake at our first meeting back!! 


With very best wishes                                                                                               

Happy Knitting       07867 757695

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As we start to live with all the aftereffects of Covid we realise it has had a knock on effect on our knitting.   Most the places we sent our knitting to are still not accepting items and some have changed what they can and cannot take.  So, we thought we would give you an update on our charities and what we can collect in.


RUH Children’s Dept. – are unable to take in but will hopefully be able to at some point


Operation Orphan – They are only now collecting big blankets.  They will collect all the lovely jumpers, hats and gloves this time (end of September) but after that it will be just the blankets.   BUT we have an idea!!!!


Hugababies – Unfortunately they are no more, and we have been unable to find another similar charity.


Seafarers Mission – They are still busy doing their work and would like knitting but are unable to accept at the moment as they are all ‘home based’ working and not at their premises.  But hopefully, this will change


AgeUK – the little Innocent bottle hats are still wanted, and we can deliver them!!


Fundraising things for the RUH Bath – We have not had any events for over 18 months now and the ones we held in Atrium are not going to re-start until Spring 2022.  But we are really hoping some Christmas events will go ahead, especially the outside ones.  


Friends of the RUH Bath – We are waiting to hear back from them


Operation Christmas Child – Clare will be collecting from us on 6th October 😊 


Co-Op Funeral Directors (Chippenham) – They are loving our teddies and Twiddlemuffs and say ‘keep going’.  


Spurgeon’s – Baby cardigans and baby blankets for families in our area


Southmead Hospital, Bristol – Lap blankets and teddies


Alabare – They would love blankets and adult hats and gloves.


If you know or know of someone who would be interested in any of our knitting, please do let us know.  Any local residential home, nursing home, school, or charity  


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