MELKSHAM BAPTIST CHURCH Notices 9th April 2023



9th April 2023

Secretary: Alan McFall 07730 769662

Alan McFall
Easter Sunday
354th Anniversary &

BMS Birthday Greetings to Jeanette
Thank you for joining us today, whether you have been
coming for a lifetime or this is your first time; you are

very welcome!


Church News Prayer Topics

David Payne, Michael and Jeanette.
Stella Burroughs, Margaret Edwards, Caroline, Clare & Norman
Hancock, Peter Wood in Preston, Janet Woolley-Lane,
Liz Young, Christina & Peter Slade.
Elaine and her son Adrian.
Robin Winn’s grandson Luke, awaiting kidney transplant
Rhyme Time families.
That those who can call a halt to the war in Ukraine would do
so soon, ending the needless death & destruction.
Ukrainian guests living in our town and county, especially
those whose continuing accommodation is in doubt.
Those struggling to survive the drought and famine in East
Those who have been bereaved and plunged into poverty by
the earthquakes in Syria and Turkey.
Pray for Haiti in general and MAF in particular. The situation in
the country is dire due to civil unrest, gangs ruling the
streets, dire poverty, recent earthquake and a cholera
outbreak. MAF are suspending operations from 1st April to
January 2024. MAF staff are sleeping in the hangar
because it is unsafe to commute. See Haiti Hangar Hotel.
That those with evil intent on the welfare of others through
drug abuse, who have been exploiting the vacant Unicorn
pub, would be successfully apprehended by the police and
prosecuted for their actions.
Give thanks for the release from unjust detention in Iran
and Nigeria respectively of Yousef Nadarkhani and Solomon
Tarfa following prayers and representation led by CSW.


For information

Duty Rota Today:

Flowers — ALL;

Welcome – Alan McFall;
Cleaning— Joy & Alan;

Refreshments — Doris & Liz.

On Duty Rota next (16th):

Flowers—Dorothy Robinson;
Welcome — Joy Ackland;

Cleaning — Hilary & Alan;
Refreshments — Linda & Jim.

Manse Update: you are invited to stay for refreshments after
the service and hear a brief update on plans for the manse
agreed with our property trustees, Webnet.
Church 354th Anniversary today!
The next Bereavement Journey, lasting 7 weeks with John &
Sharon Firth at that meeting space commences on 21st April at
See poster on Noticeboard. Call 07389 866714 to register.
Use child car seats? Free safety check at the Community
Campus on Tue 25th April. Simply drop-in when suits between
10am and 3pm.
How Missional in Outlook are We? Thank you to all who
participated in the survey. 20 forms have been returned.
*11 feel we are inward focused; 13 feel we are outward focused.
*Number with none or not-yet Christian friends varies greatly,
as does the number who talk with family about “Big things in
*8 are mentoring or being mentored; 10 not involved at all.
*7 helping people who are spiritually curious.
*10 living as followers learning to “fish for people”.
Latest letter from Laura-Lee is available.




KNOWING Dedicate your life to an intimate personal relationship with God through prayer and studying His Word.

GROWING Actively invest yourself in our Church family, growing alongside our brothers and sisters in Christ.

GOING      Deliberately share our faith in all we do, both inside and outside the church walls.


Sermon Note



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Our Core Values

The WORD of God, LIFE with God, EQUALITY before God,
The COMMUNITY of God, the COMMAND of God,
TALKING with God, EATING with God,

the KINGDOM of God



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