Notices For The Week MELKSHAM BAPTIST CHURCH 29th November 2020


MELKSHAM BAPTIST CHURCH     29th November 2020  

PASTOR: Mr Joshua Parmar 

Mobile: 07917 126241  


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1st Sunday of Advent 



Church News

For information 

FINAL CALL—if you would like cards collected  and delivered to other church and congregation  members living in the Melksham area — allowing you to save the cost of postage OR  donate the saving to Home Mission - they must  be available for collection by 1st December  and will be delivered by 14th December.  Please request collection via Josh, Maurice  or Alan, ASAP. 

◊ If you are feeling low due to lockdown or any  other issue, please remember you can call upon  Josh, any deacon or friend in the congregation  for a chat on the phone, even if a home visit is  inappropriate currently. 

◊ This Christmas, between 1st - 8th  

December, your donation to Tools with a  Mission's Christmas Appeal will  

be DOUBLED £1 for £1 up to a total of  £10,000 when made online here through The  Big Give Christmas Challenge. Donations can  only be doubled if made online, via The Big  Give website .


Prayer Topics

People to pray for: 

• Josh’s continuing recovery from a sore back.

• Gill Head, Margaret Edwards, Liz Young 

• Congregation members who welcome prayer  support, but anonymously, and yet are known to  God 

• Eric, Luke & Mick, receiving kidney treatment  which may include a transplant for some 

• Sheila Nowell, a former member, who is unwell. 

Freewill Offering Envelope Users 

Alan will be in contact during December to arrange  for delivery of your envelopes for 2021. When  delivering these, he will be happy to receive any  outstanding gifts for 2020 so they may be banked  before the end of the year. 

New envelope users are welcome, as is anyone  wishing to commence donating via standing order  from their bank account. Speak to Alan for details. 

For information (continued) 

◊ Appeals have been received from Home Mission,  Christian Aid, MAF, RUH (FF), Salvation Army and  Tearfund 


As you listen to the sermon today keep in mind and try applying



KNOWING… Dedicate your life to an intimate personal relationship with God through prayer and studying His Word.

GROWING… Actively invest yourself in our Church family, growing alongside our brothers and sisters in Christ.

GOING…      Deliberately share our faith in all we do, both inside and outside the church walls.









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Due to the latest (5th Nov) Covid-19 restrictions in  England,

we cannot meet together for worship or  prayer at church during November.  

A weekly sermon is available from 7am each Sunday  morning on YouTube—just search on Melksham 

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