Notices 28th November 2021



28th November 2021

PASTOR: Mr Joshua Parmar 

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Josh Parmar
Family Service for 1st Sunday in Advent

Church News

For information

Messy Church: returns to F&S School today. Help would be appreciated with crafts or food prep and cleaning up. Volunteers check-in by 3pm.

First Aid Training: an event is taking place at WEBA HQ on 30th November and a few places are available. If you would like to attend, speak to Alan ASAP to get booked on.

Covid infection rate in Wiltshire (563), again higher than last week (440), remains higher than the average across England (414). Please continue to take recommended precautions and keep up with available vaccinations.

On Duty Rota today: Flowers—Dorothy Robinson;

Welcome—Jim Morris;

Cleaning—Alan & Hilary On Duty

Rota next week:

Flowers—Liz Young; Welcome—Alan McFall;

Cleaning—Joy & Marnie

Study groups next meet: Alan’s on Wednesday 8th Dec. at 10am in the Church Room

Caroline’s tba

Duty Rotas 2022:

If you would like to volunteer for any of the duties next year, please speak with Kay or Alan in the next few weeks, enabling the calendar for 2022 to be published before Christmas.

Gateway Carol Service is on Thursday 2nd December at 7pm in the church. Come and encourage the club members and leaders as they take this first step in reconvening.

People to pray for:  

• Mick Bainton, Stella Burroughs, Margaret Edwards, Norman Hancock, Clare Hancock, Sylvia Hardy, Gill Head & family, David Payne, Dorothy Robinson, Brenda Wood, Janet Woolley-Lane, Liz Young & family, Christina & Peter

• Cyril Gardner who has become very frail lately

• Elaine’s son, Adrian, now in Chippenham hospital continuing rehabilitation from a stroke in mid-October.

• Caroline Hancock who is awaiting an operation.

• Robin, and his grandson Luke • Our BMS partners—Laura-Lee Lovering in Peru and the Darby Family in Uganda


Advance information

The plan is to have two special lunches at Christmas time after
morning worship:
5th December for church members and associates, £10 each.
Tickets will be available from Maurice or Kay very soon.
12th December for Foodbank clients, volunteers & supporters



As you listen to the sermon today keep in mind and try applying




KNOWING… Dedicate your life to an intimate personal relationship with God through prayer and studying His Word.

GROWING… Actively invest yourself in our Church family, growing alongside our brothers and sisters in Christ.

GOING…      Deliberately share our faith in all we do, both inside and outside the church walls.


Sermon Notes   



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We can now fully meet for worship on church premises for everyone who is Covid-free and happy to do so. There is plenty of room for each to have their own space. A recording of each week’s sermon will be on YouTube.

Please remember to place a card on the seat you have used, indicating it should not be used immediately.

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