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We are a small Baptist congregation in town of Melksham, about 11 miles south of the M4 and set at a crossing point of the River Avon which flows from here through Bath and into the Bristol Channel at Avonmouth. Currently grandparents out-number grandchildren but we are actively engaged in the community as you will see below. We love food and usually have at least one social occasion each month at which friends can get together for fellowship and food. Several of us are privileged to take Open the Book into two of our primary schools in the town and we host the Bless Melksham Choir and Band which practises here for special services and visits to Care Homes in the area.
Our primary aim is to worship Almighty God and make His Son, Jesus Christ, known in our town through our lives and the service we offer to others in the local community. To be equipped for this we meet weekly on Sunday mornings for worship and teaching during which we enjoy a variety of song styles, mostly taken from Complete Mission Praise. Everyone is welcome to join us.



Melksham Baptist Church is affiliated to the Baptist Union of Great Britain and to the West of England Baptist Association.  It is also a member of the Melksham Family of Churches.


Membership of the Church is open to all who profess faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour and whose lives bear evidence of that fact. The usual means by which people become members is through Believers' Baptism.


Those desiring to become members are asked to seriously consider the New Testament teaching on baptism, but the Church shall welcome into membership those who earnestly desire to serve and follow Christ and who come from other Christian traditions.


The Church started meeting in Melksham around 1669 in John Webb's shearing shop.  In 1689 we were only one of twelve Baptist Churches in the Country.  The building in which we worship today is "listed" (by local authority to be outwardly preserved in its original state), having been built around 1776.



The following organisations currently use our premises:-



Church of God of Prophecy, Melksham

Melksham & Corsham Gateway Club

Melksham Lifeline

Crazy about Knitting

Zumba fitness class

Sparklers Healthy Lifestyle Group

Good News Church Youth Group




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